The Lions &
Love Series

Queen Of Hearts I

The veil of darkness held by the soul can become a nightmare once the ego has been shattered. Everyone has their own demons to face, but for others, the devil could be staring them right in the mirror. Mandisa is a bright young woman with a horrible family situation full of violence, betrayal, and abuse. After she and her mother escape from her father’s demonic grip, she tries to rebuild her distorted image, but her mother fears it could be too late. Help is needed for her mentally ill daughter, but be careful what you ask for. You just might bite off more than you can chew. The universe will deliver you help, but without the courage to honestly face what’s in the mirror, you could be thrown into the lion’s den as a lesson to learn to save yourself.

Can someone fall in love shrouded in fear? When Mandisa finds the courage to step out on faith, her resolve is tested to face her demons. However, Hakim, her crush, has a secret more fearful than her own father’s twisted plans. He and his family become connected to Mandisa through the threads of fate if only to save her from suicide. Queen of Hearts is the introduction to Mandisa’s journey of healing, sexual liberation, and evolution that promises to keep you guessing as everyone’s secrets come out and perhaps questioning everything that you could be hiding from your own soul.

King Of Clubs II

A pact has been made to save Mandisa’s fate from her father, and Hakim seems to have a plan. He’s moving in silence and has his family fearful of the outcome. It’s too late to turn back now that Dr. King has found where Mandisa and Mami have been hiding. But now that Mandisa is locked in a love triangle between two friends, what will be the overall outcome?

Egos will fly as all the insecurities begin to surface. What should be a time of celebration for all the lions will become a night full of danger. As more and more secrets emerge about the family, suddenly we see the result of Mandisa’s unhealed wounds. Hakim and his family will have hell on their hands trying to cage the lioness and save his friend from the most significant threat in town. The manipulation and mind games must come to the surface before time runs out. But what will Mandisa do once the betrayal becomes more than she can handle?

When anger roars, all the lions will answer the call as everyone is engulfed in Mandisa’s nightmare, and Hakim’s greatest fear comes to life right before his very eyes. Karma is a bitch, and her name is Mandisa King.


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