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Sistar Sun RA was born Casundra Hightower in the rural town of Longview, Texas. She and her many siblings grew up surrounded by individuals facing adversity mirroring their own existences. Her experiences with bullying, sexual abuse, body shaming, alcoholism, drug addictions, poverty, homelessness, mental illnesses, and broken relationships led her into co-creation with the universe by writing.

Her journey led her to write early in life when personal pain trying to discover the meaning of her own existence became too much to bear alone. She began to use many genres of music to inspire her storytelling. Though her views and opinions may contradict what society deems acceptable by usual standards. She only wishes to make it all make sense using scenarios considered taboo to many but becoming widespread with the changing times. She published the first two installments of the Lions & Love Series, on December 16, 2021, and promises to continue her journey of entertaining and educating with humor and love.

These books are not for children, though the ages of her lions are young. Their minds are warped by everything around them in this small little town. They all share quite traumatic life events and are bitter and toxic. Of course, Sistar Sun RA created them this way to force them to grow up and face their shadows as they become linked by destiny. (Contains graphic language, adult situations, and substance abuse is the disclaimer)

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“I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my characters. I call them my Lion Cubs as I weave the webs that hold their thoughts captive. Be it addictions, family issues, mental illness, self-hate, or intolerance they have a lot to learn about survival in their world, which is our own, though much smaller.”

Sistar Sun RA quoted.

The Lions & Love Novel Series

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