About The Author

Sistar Sun RA was born Casundra Hightower in the rural town of Longview, Texas. She and her many siblings grew up surrounded by individuals facing adversity mirroring their own existences. Her experiences with bullying, sexual abuse, body shaming, alcoholism, drug addictions, poverty, homelessness, mental illnesses, and broken relationships led her into co-creation with the universe by writing.

Seeing herself as a sister to everyone, she embodied the pen name Sistar, and Sun was taken from her name at birth, derived from her late grandmother, SunDeer, then noting the Kemetic God/Neter, RA also meaning SUN. RA’s principles were known to enlighten all beings seeking truth and the grand connection to source/The Highest God.

Once awakened and becoming illuminated by the Sun-God code, other Neteru/Gods were reborn carrying the RA/light/Sun Disk above their heads. Those who seek the light shall find it, and those who hide from it will be blinded by its brilliance.

“We are not The Creator, but when we embody the magic passed down through the ages and learn to co-exist in love and light, then we become GODLY,” Sistar Sun RA believes. “None of us chose the physical details nor the family we were birthed within, however, we are all the same at the core. As an American woman, born of African and Indigenous descent, I want to share OUR struggles from my hometown and poke fun at societal trends that young people of color face. The struggles with self, family, friends and our environment on all levels are what truly define us all and bring out the Highest/God/Universe hidden behind the mirror.”

Her journey led her to write early in life when personal pain trying to discover the meaning of her own existence became too much to bear alone. She began to use many genres of music to inspire her storytelling. Though her views and opinions may contradict what society deems acceptable by usual standards. She only wishes to make it all make sense using scenarios considered taboo to many, but becoming widespread with the changing times.


Sistar Sun RA seeks to entertain, nurture, and connect the minds and hearts of her readers. She means to find hope in hopeless situations and bring humor to the topics people take too seriously, using her imagination birthing lions and setting them free in the jungles of our thoughts.

The Lions & Love Series begins with the title QUEEN OF HEARTS, a slow introduction to Sistar Sun RA’s character story arcs as they begin their journey in spiritual ascension that leads them to the Kemetic Deities that bring about genuinely transcendent experiences. Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Starseeds, and Starchildren are her interpretation of Spiritual Elevation that open the floodgates of human possibilities and potential using fiction. She uses humorous dialog, coincidences, synchronicity, teachings of psychology, philosophy, religion, and general knowledge to raise questions about the human condition.

As her characters heal, her writing style evolves into more profound, detailed scenes that pull the reader into the dark, so they can appreciate the light found within to share with the world.


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